My Research Project for MMed Pathology – UPNG (2008).

I was enrolled in the Masters in Medicine (MMed) program at the University of PNG from 2004 – 2008. 

In 2005 I sat the MMed Part, then in 2006 I earned an Ausaid sponsorship for a work/training attachment at the Royal Hobart Hospital in Tasmania.  In 2007, I spent about a year on special leave to take up a training position at the Alfred Hospital which counted towards my MMed program.

I returned to PNG in 2008 to complete my MMed.  Which at that stage required that I complete a research project and sit the MMed Part 2 examinations.  I passed the exam but had a few things to work on my research project as advised by my external supervisor.  Towards the end of 2008, as agreed with my supervisor, I planned to work on this project in close collaboration with him, with the view of completeing it and graduating in 2009.

Unfortunately, at that same time life had thrown a huge, and totally unexpected curve ball – My MMed and pathology career was no longer a priority and in the subsequent years has gone off the radar altogether.  I had to pulled out of the MMed program, take leave from the UPNG and eventually resigned and moved with my wife and daughters to Townsville.

I shall discuss my particular general experience going through the UPNG MMed later but in this post I wanted to share my unpublished research project, for my incomplete MMed (UPNG).

In 2008, I had to decide upon and do a research project.  After some thought, I decided to do it on Quality Management rather then pure pathology/clinical biochemistry.  Part of my rational for this was frankly, that I did not have confidence in the PMGH laboratory quality management and thus the results of the tests – eg UEC, LFTS etc, that I would be using for a pathology/clinical biochemistry study. PMGH was not accredited to any accreditation body, and I knew for a fact that its quality managemnt especially it Biochemistry department was questionable and there were many issues that needed attention before the results could be relied upon.  So I thought, I would highlight some of these gaps/issues in the course of my thesis in the hope of improving the quality management of the biochemistry department of PMGH.

Here is my unpublished research project as it was submitted to the examiner: Quality Management, PMGH. Dr. PJ Rooney[1]

Fig: Sunrise from Castle Hill – Townsville, Australia.

About Dr. Poyap J Rooney

Dr. Rooney is a medical doctor who has gained both his undergraduate medical degree and more recently his post graduate masters degree in clinical biochemistry at the University of Papua New Guinea.
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2 Responses to My Research Project for MMed Pathology – UPNG (2008).

  1. Gelinde Narekine says:

    Bro, I salute you for your bold shift from mainstream pathology to quality management. This field requires attention here in PNG.

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