Rolling with the punches..

Well I’ve changed the name of the blog!  Initially I started the blog as a shop front for a business which I started a couple of years ago – South Pacific Medical Technologies.  For various personal reasons this idea did not quite take off.  Such is the case with many ideas… the firwood can be in place but without the spark – and in my case at this stage – capital, it won’t take off.  However – though my immediate focus has changed somewhat, my personal mission remains the same as always ie- the improvement of health in Papua New Guinea and the region by contributing what I can.  This mission I believe is shared by all of my PNG collegues whether they are in the private of public sectors in PNG, and both these sectors have important roles to play in achieving our missions.

I do not have all the answers obviously and I have been out of the country and profession for about 4 years due to personal family reasons.  Reasons which have made me feel first hand the effects of our poor health system and has made me realise that while things will take time, we mustn’t wait for someone else to tell us what needs to be done, how to do it, how to talk to each other, how to work together.

I shall be heading back to PNG in 2013 to work, but this time in a clinical role, not in Pathology which I was doing previosly.  I have a few ideas, and look forward to progessing some of them soon. A particular area in which I plan to explore further in 2013 is the setting of a benchmark for doctors in PNG through postgraduate training especially in General Practice.  Currently most if not all post graduate training for doctors is provided by the ailing UPNG, however I believe that the future of postgraduate/continue professional developement rests in the hands of the professionals themselves, not only in medicine but other professional fields.  There are signs that this is already happening, through the Society of Rural and Remote Health.

As this year draws to an end in Cairns Australia – I am busy preparing for my Australian Medical Council Clinical Examination and look forward to 2013 and beyond..

About Dr. Poyap J Rooney

Dr. Rooney is a medical doctor who has gained both his undergraduate medical degree and more recently his post graduate masters degree in clinical biochemistry at the University of Papua New Guinea.
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