Why Just Telling Doctors To Be More Resilient Isn’t The Answer

I thought while reading this i thought about PNG’s comparatively immature and very fragmented systems of administration that does not lend itself well to rational/logical discourse about the best way(s) forward to improve the health and well-being of our citizens.

The disaster up unfolding in our highlands at the moment, and the stories of the social upheavals that are happening and which are sure to escalate will bring out the resilience of individuals and in the media we have already seen and will continue to see and hear stories of great individual resilience. However as a nation it saddens me to say that unlike Rottadam’s story of unification amidst a national tragedy, ours may be less positive of a story.

But this is not to say that we will not come together and show resilience, only our story will be different.

It’s all in the hands of firstly ours political leaders and strong willed and tenacious people within our government and business community as well as our communities to determine and write what will become a very prominent part of PNG history.


About Dr. Poyap J Rooney

Dr. Rooney is a medical doctor who has gained both his undergraduate medical degree and more recently his post graduate masters degree in clinical biochemistry at the University of Papua New Guinea.
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