About Me


My name is Poyap James Rooney, I am a medical doctor who graduated from The University of Papua New Guinea , School of Medicine and Health Sciences in 2001.

My Mission

To continuously seek ways to make practical, high impact contributions towards sustainable improvements in the health care standards in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific Region. Through effective partnership with local health professionals, experts and academics we can identify areas in health where there is greatest potential in improving the health status of the majority of the people.  This could be through – health education, public health policy creation and implimentation, practical outreach projects and working in collaberation with many existing organisation already working at the coal face.

“For if medicine is really to accomplish its great task, it must intervene in political and social life.  It must point out the hindrances that impede the normal social functioning of vital processes, and effect their removal” (Rudolf Ludwig Karl Virchow, 1849)

3 Responses to About Me

  1. Good website and Good work Dr. It should be the dream of everyone in this country that we work to serve others with dignity and respect

  2. Thanks for keeping us informed of health issues in the country. We are running daily Health News on this website as well. Papua New Guinea Health News

  3. There is a need for a quality lab. I am wanting to start one too along side my private GP clinic..if you want we can discuss possible partnership

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